One time fee

That's it.  You pay up front, once.  1% of your initial asking price.  Traditional brokerage would cost you 10% to have your boat professionally listed & sold, but with a  Flat-fee MLS listing,  you can get your boat on the real MLS -- and in front of tens of thousands of qualified buyers for a fraction of that amount.   

you're in control

Your listing stays on the MLS until you sell the boat, or remove the listing.   You can make changes, add pictures, adjust pricing & edit to your hearts content.   When buyers inquire about your vessel, they are forwarded directly to you.   All we do is grant access to the MLS, the rest is up to you.      

Why MLS?

True, there are a few selling marketplaces on the web, but absolutely NONE of them produce results like the MLS.  Research shows that over 95% of boats ultimately get sold via the MLS, making it your best opportunity to find a genuine, qualified buyer to purchase your boat. Only professional yacht brokers have access to list on the MLS, and that's what we offer you, real power to sell your boat.